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Stretch Mark Removal Tips And Advice

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August 7, 2012


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When there is sudden gain of weight, skins usually expand to accommodate the increase in weight. This happens because the skin is able to stretch and possesses some form of elasticity. It does this to a certain extent beyond which the innermost layer of the skin would tear. Visible marks appear as a result. When looking for tips for stretch mark removal Kennewick residents can use, there are several available.

Among the most used ways of dealing with the problem is application of lotions. The lotions designed for this use contain alpha hydroxy acid. The chemical gets rid of top skin cells and in the process allows healthier skins to grow. However, the lotions work slowly and it would take time to realize results. Their use has to be consistent, with any discontinuation leading to lack of expected results. They can be bought from most cosmetic shops and supermarkets.

Surgical treatment is probably the most effective for stretch mark removal. The results are guaranteed. To allow skin removal without any forms of scarring, they are only applicable to a particular depth. How effective the method is depends on the age and skin color of those involved. Unfortunately, the method is not used for people with dark skin.

One of the healthiest ways to counter the menace of stretch marks is through following a particular diet. Foods rich in zinc especially are highly recommended. These include fish and nuts. In addition, there should be preference for foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin D. These are known to improve skin quality.

Water is said to be among the best remedies to most illnesses. It helps deal with such marks as it makes the skin soft and supple. It normally is advisable to take roughly ten glasses daily, whilst reducing intake of carbonated drinks, coffee and tea.

Preventive measures are essential too. For those who are pregnant, constant moisturizing of skin is vital. Cocoa butter or shea butter ought to be rubbed on the stomach, hips, and breasts. The bra of choice should be able to offer good support.

Treatment should be effected soon enough, probably as soon as the marks start to be noticed. Wheat germ is widely used, being applied to affected areas to keep them in check. Thus whereas methods of stretch mark removal kennewick residents use are diverse, prevention and timely treatment are highly recommended.

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