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Eating to get a Flat Belly by Reducing Bloating

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August 14, 2012


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Low body fat percentage doesn’t exempt lean people from getting an expanded belly. That’s because fat bellies aren’t just caused by fat build up but also by a bloated stomach.

A fat midsection due to bloating is not just unhealthy and ugly. Additionally, they make you downright uncomfortable. Just as healthy eating is able to keep stomach fat away, you’ll be able to likewise pick the best types of food to eat to get a flatter, less bloated stomach. Knowing the 5 top common culprits that bring about belly bloating is a starting point to steering clear of it:

a) Salt enriched foods- highly processed foods such as canned meats contain huge doses of salt as preservatives. Reduce these if you wish to stay away from salt that leads to bloating in your stomach.

b) Carbonated sodas- the bubbles you see in these drinks are what cause them to become tasty but in addition, make them deadly for the stomach once they settle there and accumulate as gas. If you wish to burp, take them. But if you wish to have a flat stomach, watch how much of them you drink.

c) “Gassy” foods- similar with sodas, you have to consume in moderation some foods proven to cause gas build up. These can include legumes like beans and vegetables such as cauliflower and cabbage.

d) Fried meals- frying your foods is frequently not advised due to an excessive amount of oil and fat they contain. But are you aware that foods that are fried also cause longer digestion time for the stomach? So if you wish to enjoy eating and leave having a lighter feeling, resist the temptation to fry your meals.

e) Swallowing air- as basic as swallowing too much air may be a culprit of gas accumulation. Be conscious of the way you eat and swallow your foods so you ingest very little air as possible. Avoiding talking while chewing, popping gums or drinking from straws can all help to keep the gas away.

When you keep these in mind, you can be more confident of the foods you can eat for a flat belly. Avoid these 5 belly bloating factors to stay away from a bloated stomach.

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