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Chinese Medicine and the Battle with Hepatitis B

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July 9, 2012


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Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, which originated in China as its name suggests, is being used in a number of Asian countries for a very long time. TCM falls closely behind modern medical systems used extensively in the West. TCM rests on the principle that illnesses stem from and can be cured through a person’s acupressure points.

It is difficult, even for experts, to compare TCM with modern medicinal practices. Both types of medicine vary in the way they diagnose and treat illnesses. These differences are evident in many cases such as when modern medical facilities try to eradicate Hepatitis viruses.

On the other hand, traditional medicine is not concerned with the Hepatitis C virus. Traditional methods are concerned with helping the body to be free of toxic substances through cleansing and other natural forms of treatment. TCM allows the body to naturally fight any viral activity by boosting the immune system.

Traditional medicine considers the liver as a highly essential part of the human body. This organ facilitates the body’s energy flow and doctors practicing traditional medicine puts liver health at top priority. Hepatitis C patients have weaker immune system, experience muscular and joint pains, and at times could lead to liver problems.

TCM offers alternative forms of treatment for patients suffering from Hepatitis B virus. TCM boasts a long record in treating chronic hepatitis. The number of Hepatitis B and C patients year after year furthered the development of alternative cure for the disease.

Strains of Hepatitis B and C viruses have been detected in countless patients over a span of no less than 1000 years. Chinese healers look for indications of illnesses from patients before they recommend a course of treatment. Chinese medicine has provided potent and risk-free solutions for curing various kinds of illnesses.

Furthermore, TCM acknowledges that every person has a distinct constitution and disease pattern. Chinese healers treat patients in a progressive manner based on their prior diagnosis. This results to promoting suitable and ideal forms of recuperation, for any kind of ailment or disease.

Hepatitis is not simply a disease requiring specific treatment but the effect of poor or improper management of the health of an individual. Traditional medicine makes use of a distinct set of parameters for assessing a person’s health. This includes the use of pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis and questioning to know if a person’s initial western diagnosis coincides with TCM theory.

The general philosophy of Chinese medicine is that no living being is without viruses, and the only key is to know whether or not such elements are causing harm. Hepatitis patients often resort to herbal supplements especially when undergoing TCM therapy. Western medicine, when supplemented with alternative medicinal practices may prove beneficial in two ways: by getting rid of the virus and fortifying the body to ward off further diseases.

Hepatitis C is not a deadly condition. Total eradication of the hepatitis virus is not possible, but what can be assured is the continuous recuperation of the body from the adverse effects of the virus. Ensuring the health of the liver and other organs can be done if one is conscious when making decisions that may affect his health.

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