A reliable source of high quality research chemicals

Canadapeptide is a company which allows customers, mainly researchers to buy research chemicals. They provides peptides which are un-reconstituted in lyophilized powders. Lyophilisation or freeze drying is the the process of dehydration utilised to preserve materials which are perishable in order to facilitate the transport of said material. The peptides which are in the form of lyophilized powders are extremely stable in this form when refrigerated below -20°C and will maintains their chemical properties for up to one month if kept at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. According to the needs of customers, Canadapeptide offers various formats of packaging. Customers need not worry of the travel which the lyophilized peptides undergo as they are stable and a short term temperature change will not affect the quality nor efficacy of the peptide. Although most lyophilisates may remain stable for years without degradation which alters their composition, it is recommended that the lyophilized peptides be stored at -20°C. The quality of the peptide as well as its stability is affected by its absorbing of moisture. As peptides naturally and readily take in moisture, or are hydroscopic, vials must be tightly sealed and the peptides should be brought to resting room temperature before their use. Canadapeptide allows customers to buy research chemicals round the clock through their online platform and are ready to provide customers with various pre-synthesised peptides and solutions.