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Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Cellulite

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August 25, 2012


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Despite the common belief, cellulite not only occurs in women, but also in men, nevertheless it is more frequent in women due to the looseness of connective tissues. Due to larger water retention capacity of women, the elasticity of connecting tissues is exposed to the danger of cellulitis. Women are prone to cellulite because of the presence of estrogen and excess fat in their bodies. Due to it’s unsightly appearance, women want to reduce or eliminate cellulite. However, the expensive cost of cosmetic surgery such as laser surgery or liposuction to treat cellulite can not be afforded by everyone and is often not successful. This has fueled the burning desire of many women to know how to get rid of cellulite naturally.

How Cellulite Develops:

Although the exact cause of cellulite can not be defined, some experts believe that the some major factors lead to the development of cellulite, factors such as – age, poor circulation of blood, hormones, genetics, poor diet and lack of exercise. These factors many times are responsible for the development of cellulite.

Get Rid Of Cellulite Naturally

The truth is cellulites can be difficult to get rid of, A lot of women are not willing to spend large sums of money to pay for cellulite treatments that don’t give the desired results, but there are very effective natural ways to eliminate cellulite.

* Good Diet: You can reduce cellulite with a healthy diet. Eat less of fatty foods and in moderation. Take plenty of water and eat vegetables, fruits, nuts and fish. To enhance collagen production and encourage the skin to become pliable and soft, eat foods rich in antioxidants. If you don’t want to damage your skin and worsen the cellulite problem then avoid processed foods, junk food and soda drinks because they contain substances that will not help you.

* Exercise: Exercise is beneficial for your overall health and for reducing cellulite. When connective tissues beneath the skin are damaged and can no longer hold the fat cells in place cellulite occurs; the exercise will help improve and strengthen connective tissues and improve skin appearance.

If you carry excess fat and want to reduce cellulite, aerobic exercise would burn them off. Exercise also stimulates blood circulation, improves delivery of nutrients to cells and helps eliminate toxins. Strength training is another effective way to get rid of cellulite naturally because it strengthens muscles and helps eliminate localized fat.

* Massage: Several people have discovered that a good body massage can soften and flatten cellulite tissues in your body. The massage stimulates blood and lymph circulation and can help break up fat deposits that are responsible for the formation of cellulite.

Tips: How to Effectively Eliminate Cellulite Naturally

It is not easy to get rid of cellulite, but you can do it naturally without spending much money. The best way to eliminate cellulite is through diet and exercise. With a healthy lifestyle, your overall health will improve and your skin will look better.

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